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MEET THE Family & team

Chuck Plazarin


Chuck grew up in Tampa, FL and still loves to visit his hometown (mainly for a good Cuban sandwhich and Deviled Crab). He married Toni and they decided to move up to Cincinnati to raise their family. After years of helping his father-in-law at the donut shops, Chuck and Toni bought the business in 1995. To this day Chuck still loves to work alongside his wife, even when she plays her music too loud.

Toni Plazarin


Toni grew up in the family business. Her father, Chalres Holtman, started Holtman's Donuts in 1960 out of his first shop in Newtown, OH. For a period of time her family lived in Tampa, FL where she met her husband Chuck. Toni loves her family and is proud that the business keeps them all together doing the work that her father started. She enjoys dipping donuts while singing and dancing to her music. 

danny Plazarin


Danny can remember sleeping on flour sacks as a child. He's been helping make donuts since he was a young boy and learned the techniques from his parents and grandpa. He has grown the business and has been proud to carry on his family legacy. Danny opened the OTR shop with his wife, Katie, in September 2013. Like his parents, Danny has grown accoustomed to working alongside her everyday. 

Katie Plazarin

Katie grew up in Cincinnati and never spent a day in her life baking until she met her husband, Danny. In early 2010, Katie started doing all of the branding and marketing for Holtman's. After Danny decided to open another shop, Katie quit her corporate job to help him pursue his dreams. After opening in 2013 she took on many hats in the business. Katie enjoys working in the family business and helping grow the brand.

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