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We'd love to hear from you!

Please read our FAQS on the left for possible answers to your questions


Placing an Order

To place an order for pick-up please call one of our retail locations at:

  • Loveland Shop: 513-575-1077

  • Oakley Shop: 513-351-0461

  • West Chester: 513-755-1261

We do ask that you please call 24 hours in advance to place any orders.


Please click here for information.

Do you ship your donuts?
No. Our donuts are handmade daily with only the finest ingredients and no preservatives. Yeast donuts have a short life, not long enough to ship overnight. 

What donuts are available today?
Call one of our stores to find out or be risky and stop in and see. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all of our latest specials.  

What’s the difference between a cake donut and a yeast donut?
Yeast donuts are light and fluffy yeast-raised donut. Cake donuts have a texture like the classic birthday cake. 

food allergens?

Please be advised that the donuts and pastries prepared here may
contain these ingredients: Milk, Eggs, Wheat, Peanuts, and Tree Nuts

Please know that while not all donuts and pastries contain peanuts and tree nuts they are made on site where peanuts and tree nuts are present and stored. Some of our doughnuts do have nuts as a topping but when they do, we let you know. We use vegetable shortening to fry our donuts, so no nuts there. Please know that our donuts are made in the bakery where nuts are present and stored.

Do you have a VEGAN Donut?

Yes! After years of testing we finally have a vegan donut. We bet your friends can't tell the difference. Currently we have either a plain glazed or rolled in Oreo (yes, Oreo is vegan) donut. Limited supplies daily, so to guarantee your donut we recommend placing an order 24 hours in advanced.

Do you have a gluten-free Donut?

No, we unfortunatley do not have big enough facilities to ensure a separate gluten free environment.

Is Holtman's Donuts still run by a Holtman?

Yes. Holtman's Donuts is owned by Toni and Chuck Plazarin. Toni is the daughter of Charles Holtman. Charles opened the very first Holtman's Donuts in Newtown, OH in 1960. 





Loveland Shop (Goshen Township)

1399 State Route 28

Loveland, OH 45140

Oakley Shop

3356 Madison Road

Cincinnati, OH 45209

West Chester Shop

9558 Civic Centre Blvd. Unit C

West Chester, OH 45069

Williamsburg Shop

214 West Main Street

Williamsburg, OH 45176

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